What We Do

We begin the re-entry process while an inmate is serving their time.  A prison wing - and even an entire prison -  is converted into a living and learning environment, and programs are presented by volunteers that effect an inner transformation of inmates, enabling them to live with others in mutual support, trust and respect – a critical need in reentry preparation.  While there are re-entry facilities as well as re-entry organizations, these will not reach every inmate.  However, Horizon has the potential to be in each and every prison, and could serve any inmate.


Horizon Accomplishments

  • Active in Prisons for Seventeen Years
  • Developing Institutional and Residential Programs
  • Bringing Self-Actualization and Life Skills Training to Inmates
  • Creating Communities with Discipline, Integrity, Morality, and Etiquette
  • Providing Computer Lab and Classroom Style Programs
  • Expansion of Programs into Five Florida Prisons, as well as Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio
  • Program Graduates show a Recidivism Rate ranging from 5-12%
  • Good stewardship that helps at least 140 inmates per program, for $1.21 per day.

Life Skills Training

  • Personal Financial Management
  • Credit and Debt Management
  • Employability 
  • Small Business Concepts
  • Life Mapping
  • Quest
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Basic Keyboarding
  • Computer Literacy
  • G.E.D. Preparation

Residential Programs

  • Safe Environment
  • Community Atmosphere
  • Focus on Education
  • Better Lifestyle Choices
  • Opportunity to Focus on Individual Needs
  • Societal Simulations for Proper Re-entry